A downloadable Spike the Fighting Fox

Meet Spike! The charismatic, quick witted and loyal fox fighter!

As part of the Search for a Star competition run by Grads in Games, this submission is the collection of my efforts for demonstrating the process I conducted when creating my entry for stage two of the game animation & VFX category. I wanted to go above and beyond my skill level and really push myself in terms of both artistic and technical know-how. All criteria has been met to the best of my abilities and all work featured here is of my own work unless stated otherwise.

The trailer showcases the final sequence of animations plus the process I took to complete the project visually. Below I've included the isolated scene and a version with all the camera angles capturing all the movements. Sketchfab models of the animations and a interactive documentation has been added as well for your convenience. Downloadable files has been included under these elements to be critically evaluated and reviewed offline.

Character rig by Kiel Figgins.


Documentation.zip 1 MB
SFAS Pre Production.zip 31 MB
Spike_UE4.zip 33 MB


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funciona em unidade? muito show ...

Damn, this is a really nice animation. Well done!

Thank you! :D